Being a Sassy Gal


Have you ever seen someone with so much sass?  My face says it all.  That look.  Those bright blue eyes could light your face on fire.  I wish.  I’d like to say that look went away as I got older.  Nope.  It’s permanent, unlike the natural blonde hair and abs.  I’m a sassy gal.  A little bit of a handful.  I will never admit I’m stubborn. Never!  This cute girl wearing a crop top and “fuck you” look on her face turned into a strong, passionate woman.  I raised sassy daughters – strong, wonderful women who will drive you crazy and make you fall in love with them at the same time.  Just like their mama (ask their dad).

That sassy girl is also a fighter.  Calm and cool on the outside, full of fire and chaos on the inside.  Never underestimate a sassy gal.  You’ll regret it.  You’ll see just how strong she can be.  Then watch out world!

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