Sassy?  Definitely.  Cheeky? Always.  Stubborn?  I refuse to answer that.

Me llamo Jenny.  I love writing short stories.  They match my incredibly short attention span.  I’ve dreamed of being a writer since I was a kid.  My mom bought me my first typewriter – vintage and clunky, but wonderful.  I’ve been writing ever since.  True, it’s sometimes on a napkin, the back of an envelope, or my phone, but it counts.

During the day, I’m paid for technical writing and analyzing policies.  At night, I write what I love.  Simple, slice of life stories, full of emotion and character.  I’m proud and excited to say that my stories have been published, online and in print.  A dream come true.

I live in Salem, Oregon with the love of my life, my beautiful girls, a blind sausage dog, and a bratty wiener dog that’s a real dick.